Arts Manningham FAIR

In 2020 we launched the Arts Manningham Fellowship and Artist in Residence program to support local artists research and develop ideas for:

  • new and innovative arts programs
  • small, site-specific installations, and
  • unique performances or ephemeral arts events

What do artists get?

We provide successful applicants funding of up to $6000 over two phases to:

  • develop and implement unique programs that provide engaging art experiences for the local community and encourage visitors to the region
  • undertake a short residency at Manningham Art Studios
  • facilitate artistic collaboration and run workshops and artist studio talks

How to apply

Information about applying for the 2022 Arts Manningham FAIR will be released later in the year.

2020 Recipients

Lindy Yeates' Sanctuary Project
Photograph of a curved white billboard featuring a detailed black landscape drawing installed in parkland

Lindy Yeates’ Sanctuary Project examined how the restrictions introduced by the state and federal governments to stop the spread of COVID-19 afforded moments of pause and self-reflection that, for many of us with busy lives, are so hard to come by.

Yeates’ project saw her researching opportunities for recreating that sense of pause through discrete art installations that acted as ‘sanctuaries’ from our everyday lives.

Her fellowship focused on translating drawings and prints of natural landscapes in Manningham and along the Victorian coastline into larger scale, immersive works, as well as identifying suitable locations for the works.

Michel Tuomy's Football Evangelism
Football Evangelism artwork by Michel Paul Tuomy

Local playwright Michel Paul Tuomy is undertaking a fellowship to develop his play Football Evangelism, with a view to staging performances in 2021. 

Set in a local Melbourne football club, the play has two characters: Dave, who is known as ‘The Football Evangelist’, and his friend ‘Mild Mannered Mick’.

Dave is a water runner and had his nickname bestowed upon him by one of the club’s players as he has a devout faith and a passion for football. To add to the story, Dave has autism and his best mate Mick has schizophrenia. But they don’t allow these health conditions get in their way of their mutual love of football.

Denise Keele-bedford's Row, Row, Row Your Boat
draft plans for a boat sculpture by artist Denise Keele-bedford

Denise Keele-bedford’s fellowship aims to extend her Boat Project, which has engaged the subject of migration and travel through installations of multiple origami boats in New York State, China, Korea and Melbourne.

Her fellowship will explore how to translate these forms into a sculpture that can be installed at a number of outdoor sites across Manningham.

The fellowship will provide a stepping-stone for Keele-bedford to work in new formats, with different materials and at a larger scale than she has previously.