Infringements and fines

An infringement, also known as either a fine or a penalty notice, is issued when a law or regulation is broken to help protect the rights, amenity and well-being of the Manningham community.

    What happens if you receive an infringement notice?

    Find a list of options available to you if you have received a penalty notice.

    local law

    Guiding legislations (LGA and our Local Law)

    View information on Manningham’s Community Local Law (2023), a local law made under Part 5 of the Local Government Act (1989 ) and section 42 of the Domestic Animals Act 1994, that further describes infringements and fines.

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    What types of infringements are issued?

    We issue infringements that relate to:

    • parking breaches
    • animal management
    • health and wellbeing
    • food safety
    • environment
    • signage
    • planning
    • asset protection.