Apply to have plans or documents approved (plans for endorsement)

When do plans need to be endorsed? 

You may need to submit updated plans for endorsement as a condition of a planning permit before a use or development can commence. This can include:

  • Amended development plans (commonly referred to as “Condition 1 Plans”, in reference to the requirements of condition 1 of a Planning Permit.)
  • Landscape Plans
  • Construction management plans
  • Other management plans for ongoing requirements once a development is complete (such as a bushfire management plan, waste management plan – refer to conditions of your planning permit for further advice)

Multi-unit developments may also need to submit updated on-site detention (stormwater management system) plans.


How much does it cost?

While most requests for endorsement of plans do not require payment of a fee, the following fees may be payable in specific circumstances.

  • If a permit includes a condition requiring a landscape bond be paid, this must be done before any plans are assessed for endorsement.
  • If submitted plans are repeatedly determined to be unsatisfactory, subsequent assessment of revised plans may attract a fee.

View full list of fees


How to lodge

  1. Search for your permit on the Planning Applications Portal.

  2. Select the lodgement type from the available actions for Planning Permit applicant.

Note: If an amended Permit (Section 72 Amendment) includes a condition requiring submission of plans for approval, search for the original Permit number (with a “PL”, “PLN” or “PVN” application reference, rather than “PLA” or “PVA”) when lodging plans.


What happens next?

Once we receive plans and landscape bond is paid (where applicable), your endorsement request will be allocated to a planning officer, who will generally review plans within two to three weeks. Endorsed plans will either be sent to the applicant, or advice will be provided requiring further changes to be made if plans do not sufficiently respond to conditions of the permit.

If changes to plans have been made beyond the scope of the conditions of the Permit, we may direct you to lodge an amendment to the permit.