Helping you prepare for an emergency

3 Sep 2020
Well Governed Council

This year has seen more emergencies than we are used to with fires, floods, storms and a global pandemic impacting our lives in massive and unexpected ways. This has shown just how important is it for us to be prepared for an emergency and we are here to help you.

An Evacuation Plan is important for everyone, not just for residents who live in bushfire risk areas. Apartment block residents should think through their emergency plans as some buildings may be harder to evacuate quickly.

At this time of year which will see more storms and rain, it’s also important to plan ahead if you live near a river or creek or in the path of storm water.

If a large number of residents need to evacuate their homes, we can help by activating one of six Emergency Relief Centres (ERC) across Manningham. The scale, type and location of an emergency would determine which ERC is used.

In Manningham we’re preparing our ERCs to make them safer in case they need to be used during COVID-19 restrictions by:

  • Checking capacity to include physical distancing
  • Making sure resources such as face masks and hand sanitizer will be available
  • Finding alternatives for vulnerable people away from ERCs.

If you need to evacuate, remember to take essential items like important documents, clothing for several days, any medication you require and essential items for your pet (if you are not able to house your pets elsewhere). You can also prepare an Emergency Kit in advance with essential items.

Visit our Emergency webpage for more information about preparing for an emergency.

If you are interested in finding out more detailed information please contact us by email at or by phone on 03 9840 9333.