Apply for a section 50 amendment

What is a section 50 amendment?

A section 50 amendment is when you want to amend an application prior to public notification.


Who can apply?

You, your agent or the current owner can make an amendment if:

  • there’s a planning permit application in progress
  • the permit application hasn’t been through public notification
  • we haven’t yet made a decision on the application.


When can you make a section 50 amendment application?

If you want to make changes before public notification of an application, you can do so if it relates to:

  • changes to the plans in response to initial concerns in a request for information (RFI) letter
  • changes you would like to make
  • the reason for an application is a change in the permit preamble such as constructing a two or three storey dwelling
  • land relating to the application such as expanding the development to include adjoining property.


How to prepare your application

Download and complete a section 50 amendment form:

Section 50 Amendment Request
Section 50 Amendment Request
94.39 KB

We will then use an RFI and ask for amended plans and documents. We usually receive section 50 forms and amendments all at once.


What happens next?

Once we have received your application, a planner will make an assessment on whether we will require an RFI or not.

We will send a letter if there is an RFI requirement.

If there is no RFI requirement, the planner will determine whether there is a need for advertising.