Lodge your Section 30 documents

Lodge your section 30 documents online

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Who can lodge Section 30 documents?

Only registered practitioners, such as building surveyors can lodge section 30 documents/issue building permits.

If you're unsure, learn about the building permit process.


When do you need to lodge your documents?

Private building surveyors must lodge section 30 documents with us within seven days of issuing the building permit. This also applies to changes to existing documents.


How much does it cost?

View our full list of fees.


How to pay

We accept SecurePay credit card only (Mastercard and Visa) through our online portal using the links below.


How to prepare your lodgement

To prepare your section 30 documents for upload, you must:

  • convert them to PDF format
  • zip them into a single file or several files (up to 10)
  • make sure your zip file is less than 50mb file size
  • remove special characters (*/&()#) from file names (title of documents).


How to lodge

New building permit(s) (stage 1)

Use our online portal to lodge your section 30 documents for new building permits:
We cannot accept new documents by email.

Changes to existing building permit(s) (stage 2)

Send your amended documents and/or certificate of final occupancy permits to us by email.


What happens next

After you apply, we will:

  • give you a reference number to use for all future conversations to discuss the building permit
  • show a receipt on screen once payment is successful - print screen if you want to keep a record.