Apply for a landscape bond refund

Landscape inspections are no longer being undertaken by Manningham Council.

Requests for inspections are not required when a development is completed. 

It is the responsibility of the permit holder to ensure that the development is completed according to the endorsed development and landscape plans and any other endorsed documents.

Apply for a refund of your landscaping bond

If we are holding a landscape bond as a condition of a Permit, you can request a refund. How you apply for a refund depends on the current status of your Permit and development.

Planning Permit is valid

If you have paid a landscaping bond for a Permit that is still current (the development is under construction or yet to start), the Permit must be amended to remove the landscaping bond condition before we can refund the bond.

The property owner/Permit holder must lodge the application to amend the Planning Permit, or provide written consent to Council, for the conditions of a Permit to be amended. 

There is no application fee to remove the bond condition.

To submit an application, download the form below and return the completed application via email to

If you are not the property owner, you must include written consent from the owner when submitting the application form.

Permit Amendment Form - For Landscape Bond Refunds
Permit Amendment Form - For Landscape Bond Refunds
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Development is complete or the Planning Permit has expired

If the Permit has expired or works are complete and Council is still holding a bond, you must submit a written request to refund the bond. The landscape bond holder must make the request.

Submit a refund request via email to