For parents, guardians and families

Support is available at every stage of your child’s life and development.

The Health and Wellbeing Strategy outlines how we will continue to work with our community and partner organisations to ensure our residents are healthy, safe, resilient, connected and included. Seven priority areas have been identified to promote a Healthy Community:

  • improving social and emotional wellbeing
  • increasing healthy eating
  • increasing active living
  • increasing adaptation to the health impacts from climate change
  • reducing injury and harm
  • preventing family violence
  • increasing connection and engagement of community life.

Find the resources below curated specifically for helping parents, guardians and families.

    Find a community

    Find local support services for your family.

    How to select the best childcare service for your child and family.

    How to enroll your child and how to access additional services.

    There are many great public and private schools in our community. Find a local school in our area.

    Find at place to connect at your local playgroup and toy library

    Our youth services provides development opportunities for youths.

    Additional services