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What is a planning property enquiry request?

Get advice in writing about whether or not your proposed building, works or land use needs approval from us. We will provide advice to confirm if:

  • you do not need a permit
  • you need to apply for a planning permit
  • you need an amendment to an existing permit
  • you need consent under the conditions of a permit or a registered section 173 agreement.


How may this advice be useful?

The advice will confirm the planning requirements. If we do not require a planning permit or consent, you can provide this letter to your Building Surveyor accompanying an application for a building permit.


How much does it cost?

There is a flat fee for a planning property enquiry request.

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How to prepare for your request:

Before submitting your request, gather the following documents:

  1. An electronic copy of plans and/or details of your proposal;
  2. A recently searched current copy of title. Obtain a copy of property title through Landata – Victoria Land and Registry Service.
  3. A copy of any registered restriction/covenant or section 173 agreements on title.

Any additional information details of your proposal or request for advice can also be included.


How to lodge your request

Apply through our online portal to lodge your request. Select one of the following:


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When lodging your request, choose "Request and pay now' to pay by credit card.

We only accept the credit cards: VISA and Mastercard.

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Pay later by invoice (Credit or debit card, BPAY or Post BillPay)

If you need more time to pay, select 'Request and pay later' below when lodging your request.
We’ll send advice after we receive payment.

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Contact us if you are unable to lodge online or require assistance.


What happens next?

Once we receive your request, you can expect a response within seven to 10 business days. This may include a request for further information if we need any additional details about your proposal.