Get an extension of time for your planning permit

Once you have a planning permit, you must start development or land use within two years of the grant date. You must complete work within four years unless the permit says otherwise.

If you need more time for development or commencement of land use, you will need to ask for an extension to the planning permit.


What type of extension can you ask for?

You can ask for an extension to:

  • the time in which the development must commence
  • the time in which the land use must commence
  • the time which you must complete the development.


What type of request can you make?

You must request in writing:

  • an extension to the planning permit any time before it expires
  • an extension to the commencement date for development or land use up to six months after the permit expires
  • an extension to the completion date for development up to 12 months after the permit expires.

We cannot approve requests beyond the relevant time period. Neither can the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).


How to request

To request an extension to the expiry of your planning permit, search for your planning application on the planning applications portal and select request extension of time. Fees apply.

We usually ask for a written statement about why you require an extension and why you have not acted on the permit yet.

After receiving the form, we will send you an invoice. We will then assess the request after you have paid.


What happens next?

We will notify you of our decision.

If we approve your request, you will receive a letter confirming the extension and the new expiry date.