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When you start a waste service with us you can choose which size bins you want to suit your needs. If your needs change then you can swap your bin sizes.


Who can swap bin sizes?

Check if you have authorisation to swap bin sizes:

  • you're the landlord or property manager
    Yes, as owner or manager of the property you can make the request.

  • you're renting
    No, you'll need to contact your landlord or property manager to make the request.

  • you run a commercial business
    Yes, as long as you are the landlord or property manager of the commercial property you can make the request.


How much does it cost?

There is a once off administration and delivery fee of $71.00 for swapping bin sizes plus an adjustment to your annual waste service charge. View cost of bins.

How to swap bin sizes

  1. Upsize or downsize online using the 'Swap now' button. 

    Swap now

Otherwise you can contact us or email waste@manningham.vic.gov.au.