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Who can book a hard rubbish collection?

If you have a residential bin collection service with us, you can choose to have up to two hard rubbish or bundled branches collections (or a combination of each) per calendar year.

You can book:

  • A standard collection
    2m3 which is a pile of 2m x 1m x 1m

  • Or use both collections at once
    4m3 which is a pile of 4m x 1m x 1m


What items can and cannot be collected?

Hard rubbish collections are for unwanted household items. All items must be:

 lighter than 50kg (must be able to be lifted by two people)

 are no longer than 1.5m in length, and

 fit the description below.

Yes we collect:

  • Furniture
    Tables, chairs, bookshelves, couches and lounge suites (joinery or cabinetry cannot be collected).

  • Mattresses
    Maximum two mattresses per standard collection.

  • Electronics, appliances and white goods.
    Fridges or freezers with doors removed.
    Washing machines, dishwashers, ovens and dryers.

  • Electronic waste (e-waste)
    TV’s, VCR’s, electrical equipment and stereos.

  • Carpet and underlay
    Must be tied (max 1.5 metres long).

  • Car tyres
    Maximum of four tyres (4WD and truck tyres cannot be collected) per standard collection.

  • Car parts and tools

  • Glass
    Shower screens, glass top tables or windows
    (securely wrapped and marked as glass).

  • Hot water service and air conditioning units

  • Paint tins
    Must be empty with lids removed.

  • Cardboard and polystyrene
    Flattened and tied in bundles


No we don't collect:

  • No chemicals, liquids and hazardous material
    Including paint and oil
  • No household garbage, recyclables and food waste
  • No garden waste
    Including leaves, weeds, dirt, stones, large logs or stumps
  • No building rubble, renovation or construction material
    Including concrete, bricks, roof or ceramic tiles, cement sheets or plaster, asbestos or insulation.
  • No car springs, 4WD or truck tyres
  • No batteries (of any kind)
  • No gas bottles
  • No joinery or cabinetry


Can’t find your item?

Find out how to dispose of your unwanted items or contact us

How to prepare items for collection

  1. Check what items can and cannot be collected

    View items (listed above)

  2. Make a booking before you place items on nature strip

    Book before 5.00pm each Wednesday to have your items collected between Monday and Friday the following week (except during the Christmas and New Year period).

    We'll inform you of the collection date after your booking is confirmed.

  3. After your booking is confirmed, place your items on the nature strip.

    Place your items no earlier than the Sunday before the week of your collection. 

How to book

You can book online using the 'Book now' button. 

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Otherwise you can contact us or email


How to cancel a booked collection

To cancel your hard rubbish booking, contact us by 5.00pm on the Friday before the week of collection.