Tree management

Managing our trees is essential for maintaining the health and wellbeing of our community and surrounding environment.

We have over 90,000 street trees in Manningham and countless more throughout our reserves and natural areas. We strive to protect and enhance our tree population to benefit us now and our future generations.


How we manage our trees

Our tree management activities include:

  • street tree pruning program
  • electric line clearance
  • tree planting and maintenance
  • tree risk management
  • storm response
  • tree protection
  • urban greening project. 


Tree planting program

Each year we plant up to 3000 trees throughout our streets and reserves. Our tree planting program is a critical part of future proofing Manningham against the negative effects of climate change.

Tree planting schedule

Street tree planting is done between May and September each year. Timings may vary to make the most of planting conditions. 

Species of trees planted

Manningham has been divided into 18 precincts. Species have been selected based on urban forest principles, biodiversity values, risk, and landscape amenity. The species palette, a selection of native and exotic trees, will establish the long-term character for a street or main road.

Precinct and Tree Character Mapping
Precinct and Tree Character Mapping
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Request a new street tree

You can make a request for an additional tree on your nature strip or to replace a dead or damaged tree.

  1. How to request a new tree

    Requests for new trees can be made via the online form or by calling our Customer Service team on 9840 9333.

    Request now

  2. What happens next?

    The site will be inspected by our arborist to determine if the location is suitable for planting.

  3. When will the tree be planted?

    If your request is approved, tree planting usually takes place during the following year’s planting season. 

  4. What type of tree will be planted?

    The type of tree will be decided by our arborist based on our Street Tree Planting Guide. 

    Street Tree Planting Guide
    Street Tree Planting Guide
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